Future Ft. Kelly Rowland | Neva End (Remix) 

I could tell you was into me, from my instant chemistry
as I reflect memory, you ride or you die for me
I’ll go to war over you, I don’t give a fuck about showing you
you know what it is, shorty, forever my lil shawty
long as I’m swimmin’ in benjamins, you shop with no limited
you’ll reminisce every session, know you’ll come back again
I know you can’t breathe without me, you gon’ need the oxygen
I damn near gave you an overdose, on my own medicine
I took a sip of your tea and I ain’t been right ever since
as I think to myself what it be is it heaven sent
lets put the past behind us
and go far away where nobody can find us





Carol of the Bells played by basketballs


this is actually hella sick. LOL.

Dwight would be the fucking bass note. And fucking im surprised it wasn’t CP3 but wade LOL. fuckin just squatting there with them high notes. Then you have Carmelo just doing the same thing and jj just doing his own thang. westbrook is like im ready to go niggas and he looks like hes so into it.

Fucking love basketball.

LETS GO OKC 2013 CHAMPIONSHIPS NIGGA. WOOO. Fuck okc trading harden though but guess they gotta keep the payroll on durant/westbrook 

This was cute. and genius.